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How to Fill Your Snail Mail Box with Samples and Freebies

Samples exist for a reason. Companies want you to try before you buy. If given that option chances are you’re more likely to purchase their products after “getting a taste” rather than just reading or hearing about it. They stand to gain a new customer and you save money if the product turns out to be undesirable. How many times have you tossed out a bottle of something because it just wasn’t what you though it would be?

Would you like more samples? You have many options and I hope you take advantage of them! Many magazines offer samples, (and not just for perfume) that also have a nice coupon incentive.

Google the company that makes the products you’re interested in. Many of them have a section featuring new products and/or sections dedicated to offering samples. Offers can rapidly change or run out. If you want a better chance at getting your goodies sign up for their newsletter. You’re more likely to find out about upcoming samples or coupon offers before everyone else.

Along with websites, more and more companies are popping up on Facebook. This is where I’ve scored most of my samples, coupons and even sweepstakes goodies.

Not all companies have separate listings for offers and coupons. Don’t let that detour you. I’ve received generous samples/coupons simply by e-mailing my favorite companies. Addresses are usually found at the bottom of the website.

Just like couponing, the same courtesy applies to getting samples. Don’t sign up for it just to get something free. Companies have limited quantities. Give the people who are serious about trying the product a chance to do so.

On a final note…. If you do find yourself signing up for lots of goodies, it’s a good idea to use a different e-mail address. I have one set up just for that purpose. It keeps me from having to sort though possible junk mail to get to important stuff like forwards. ;-P

If this all seems like too much work, just stick to visiting my page. I like to share! 😀



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