Freebies are starting to roll in BIG TIME. Remember, If you follow me on Facebook I share them you can take advantage straight away! If not, by the time you read this, most are expired. :-(


Thanks for the coupon for FREE Nutella, I’ll get to try it for the first time EVER! :-)

I wont a Cliff kids protein chocolate bar and a $1 coupon.

<– This is a Grab the Gold protein energy bar via FB






It’s rare that I get Pinch Me. They always run out within minutes! I lucked out.

Sinful Colors Purple nail polish. (My fav color!!)

Gevalia Coffee and a coupon

Dove Oxygen Moisturizing shampoo/conditioner.

Garnier Hydra Recharge

Fructis oil

Garnier Balancing Daily exfoliator

JCrew Men’s shampoo




Sample box from Target with all kinds of goodies. OH they call came with coupons.

More Fructis oil

Garnier Nourishing clean oil

Care free samples

A TUBE of Ultra-Life Transformer. Not just foil packet! YaY!

Garnier 5 Second Blur




More Garnier

$10.00 coupon for Nexuim

Full tube of Tums from Costco

More Gevalia

Lipton 4pk K cup sample

Finish dishwasher tabs

Weleda from Target

Free temp tattoos from Shark ?? It was a promo. Sign up and get a mystery gift. :-)

Vital4U Liquid Energy packets.


SO yeah. August was a great month! What did you get?








Hello! BuzzAgent Denise is back with another campaign.

This one is for Crest® Sensi-Stop Strips

Improve your life in only ten minutes

It may sound crazy now, but when you think about the wide world of deliciousness that opens up when you don’t have to avoid cold, hot, acidic or sweet foods, it starts to make sense. With one Crest® Sensi-Stop Strip and just ten minutes, you get to experience an entirely new way of living:


  • One strip, ten minutes, up to one month of protection*
  • Immediate, targeted sensitivity relief like never before
  • Convenience to use anywhere


#GotItFree Thanks to BuzzAgent.


I have a new favorite store Born Pretty! I just placed an order for jewelry, cosmetics and accessories. is a global online retail website that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. BornPrettyStore offer consumers for a wide selection of nail art products at attractive prices through

BornPrettyStore’s products in the core categories of Nail Art, Makeup, Jewelry and Watches.



Right now they are having an End of Summer Sale with prices reduced up to 80%. PLUS I have a coupon code which gives an additional 10% off. Use Code DXYT10



Two missions in one week! YaY!

I got:

  • One (1) full value coupon towards a 25 count bottle of PEPCID® COMPLETE® (Which I bought right away.)
  • Branded Scorecard
  • Branded Pen
  • A $2.00 coupon
  • One (1) Smiley360 Sharing Guide

To learn more click HERE



I got this for free from Smiley360 for review purposes. ~D

Now that Ive moved the freebies are starting to roll in BIG TIME. Remember, If you follow me on Facebook I share them you can take advantage straight away! If not, by the time you read this, most are expired. :-(

OK I lied, this month was much slower. I feel I’m not getting my mail. I’ve applied for so many thing and not really anything has shown up. Here is what has.



I won all of this on Facebook! I freaked out. I got the notification two days ago and it showed up TODAY. Coupons too!









Olay ~ Moisturizer from Target

Swaggable ! Hemp Hearts and Immune Perfect Frownies lotion

Burts Bees ~ Dark Spot Corrector JUST FOR BEING AN ALLURE BEAUTY ENTHUSIAST. You take surveys once in a blue moon and WOW I got a treat in the mail.

3 samples to test out from Vitabath. I joined their Vitabath Insider. I can’t find the link now but I’ll post it on Facebook when I do.

Real Tree lotion. Now this blew me away. I thought I was getting a little sample. They sent a HUGE full size bottle. I got the perfume sample from Birchbox and fell in love. When I saw this I jumped on it.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation. Another prize from Splashscore on Facebook. It’s a really neat program. You get points just for liking stuff and commenting on Facebook posts.Check it out!

Olay Body Wash from P&G.

Tone Body Wash from All You

Bat Kitty Book Club membership. I got stickers, a poster and a watch.

SouthBeach Bar from Pinch me.  I have signed up and I’m missing packages from them. :-?


So that was my July. I know I whined, but it wasn’t too bad after all. :-) ~D


There are a  few affiliate links in this post.




Mission time again! This time it’s for Caltrate® Gummy Bites.

I got:

  • Ten (10) samples of Caltrate® Gummy Bites – Try it & share your extra samples with your family & friends!
  • One (1) Caltrate® Gummy Bites Branded Brochure
  • One (1) Branded Pedometer
  • One (1) $2.00 off coupon
  • Link to a $1.00 & a $2.00 off digital coupon [depends on size]
  • One (1) Smiley360 Caltrate® Gummy Bites Sharing Guide\

To learn more about this mission click HERE


Don’t forget to sign up and get your own great missions. I get a lot of great things and learn a lot about new products I wouldn’t normally purchase.


I got these for review purposes, but all opinions are mine. ~D


Now that Ive moved the freebies are starting to roll in BIT TIME. Remember, If you follow me on Facebook I share them you can take advantage straight away! If not, by the time you read this, most are expired. :-(


Kotex U liners and pads. I have no idea how I got two, oh well. :-) STILL AVAILABLE

Honest Kitchen cat food sample. Check back often for more offers.

Pinch Me ~ heliocare NO longer available

Sciff Move-Free-Ultra-Omega ~ No longer available

Rimmel freebie on Facebook. Check back often.

The Doctor’s Brain Bar ~

Probelle ~ nail hardener X bottles. No longer available

Garnier marvelous oil. No longer available

Listerine Generous size bottle and $3 coupon



Tote bag from Ponds

Starbucks package with Via, K-Cup, and a bag of ground coffee. YUM

Free hat from the Weather Channel.

Shakelee shake from Pinch Me

3 packs of Science diet cat food

Aveda Invati hair care system






Rachel Ray Nutrise cat food samples X 2

Sin Free Sugar

Folgers Kcup sample

Purina weight loss cat food.





June was an amazing month for samples! What did you get?













Seriously, if you don’t enter, you don’t win! Set up a time nightly or even weekly to take 15-30 minutes to enter! The contests that allow daily entries, I bookmark them! If you follow me on Facebook I post all contests I enter.


Nicole by OPI special edition chocolate nail polish Better After Dark & Promises in the Dark.

and a FREE Dove candy bar. :-)







Free Mars candy. I chose Twix













I had a co-worker snap a picture of me drinking orange juice and got all of this loot YESTERDAY

Two chap sticks, notepads, recipe books. a tumbler, a calculator a pen and a lot of other stuff.










Weleda held a contest on FB. I WON! I highly suggest liking your favorite products on FB and Twitter. They are always holding contests, offering samples and/or coupons.












Sothy’s a Canadian cosmetics company held a FB contest. I just had to answer what my favorite body part was. I said my eyes. LOL












Finally… Women ALWAYS has contests on a daily basis. I won a $5 Wal-Mart Gift Card. Nothing to sneeze at. FREE $$$



So get to entering those contests!!!!


On another Smiley360 Mission!

This one is for Orajel™ Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment.  I am lucky that I rarely, if ever, get cold sores. For that reason I almost passed on this mission. I decided to get it after all just in case. :-) I’m glad I did! I recently got a nasty sore on my lower lip.

To learn more about the mission visit HERE

Thank you Smiley360 for my Free Orajel to try in exchange for a review.

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