Now that Ive moved the freebies are starting to roll in BIT TIME. Remember, If you follow me on Facebook I share them you can take advantage straight away! If not, by the time you read this, most are expired. :-(


Kotex U liners and pads. I have no idea how I got two, oh well. :-) STILL AVAILABLE

Honest Kitchen cat food sample. Check back often for more offers.

Pinch Me ~ heliocare NO longer available

Sciff Move-Free-Ultra-Omega ~ No longer available

Rimmel freebie on Facebook. Check back often.

The Doctor’s Brain Bar ~

Probelle ~ nail hardener X bottles. No longer available

Garnier marvelous oil. No longer available

Listerine Generous size bottle and $3 coupon



Tote bag from Ponds

Starbucks package with Via, K-Cup, and a bag of ground coffee. YUM

Free hat from the Weather Channel.

Shakelee shake from Pinch Me

3 packs of Science diet cat food

Aveda Invati hair care system






Rachel Ray Nutrise cat food samples X 2

Sin Free Sugar

Folgers Kcup sample

Purina weight loss cat food.





June was an amazing month for samples! What did you get?













Seriously, if you don’t enter, you don’t win! Set up a time nightly or even weekly to take 15-30 minutes to enter! The contests that allow daily entries, I bookmark them! If you follow me on Facebook I post all contests I enter.


Nicole by OPI special edition chocolate nail polish Better After Dark & Promises in the Dark.

and a FREE Dove candy bar. :-)







Free Mars candy. I chose Twix













I had a co-worker snap a picture of me drinking orange juice and got all of this loot YESTERDAY

Two chap sticks, notepads, recipe books. a tumbler, a calculator a pen and a lot of other stuff.










Weleda held a contest on FB. I WON! I highly suggest liking your favorite products on FB and Twitter. They are always holding contests, offering samples and/or coupons.












Sothy’s a Canadian cosmetics company held a FB contest. I just had to answer what my favorite body part was. I said my eyes. LOL












Finally… Women ALWAYS has contests on a daily basis. I won a $5 Wal-Mart Gift Card. Nothing to sneeze at. FREE $$$



So get to entering those contests!!!!


On another Smiley360 Mission!

This one is for Orajel™ Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment.  I am lucky that I rarely, if ever, get cold sores. For that reason I almost passed on this mission. I decided to get it after all just in case. :-) I’m glad I did! I recently got a nasty sore on my lower lip.

To learn more about the mission visit HERE

Thank you Smiley360 for my Free Orajel to try in exchange for a review.

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Nature’s Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

  • (1) full size bottle of Nature’s Bounty®  Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies
  • (5) trial size samples of Nature’s Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with a $1.00 coupon attached
  • (1) Folding Nail File
  • (1) Compact Mirror
  • (2) Hair Ties
  • (1) Smiley360 Nature’s Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies Sharing Guide

To learn more about this mission and about Nature’s Bounty click HERE

I’m a member of, where I qualify to try brands for free in exchange for sharing my authentic feedback.



Hello! BuzzAgent Denise is FINALLY back with another campaign. I was beginning to think they forgot about me.

So this campaign involves two FREE ( cuz I’m an awesome agent) boxes of Fiber One Protein Cereal. I got two flavors:

Maple Brown Sugar

Cranberry Almond

These cereals are super  filling and are only around 220 per serving! I eat the Maple with milk, but devour the Cranberry Almond as a snack. I have a box in my locker at work. I shared with co-workers and now have to hide my box! They all rave about it. I was nice enough to share my coupons so they could get their own boxes. :-)



Disclaimer: I received free samples through in return for a sampling review and WOM advertising. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by bzzagent or any third party.






To read more about my mission and this AMAZING product click HERE

I got this product for free from Smiley360. Limited time $20 off first order + free shipping w/ min. order of $40! Offer ends 10/27/13.

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