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Welcome to Couponing 101

Silly question, but where can you find coupons?

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! (Newspapers, that is)

The easiest and most common place to get coupons is from the Sunday newspaper. Wednesday newspapers often have coupons as well, although not in the same quantities as Sunday papers.

  • Get a subscription to your local paper. (Most papers offer a Sunday only option if desired.) Every Sunday except holidays most papers have coupon inserts from SmartSource & Redplumb. The 1st Sunday of the month often has a 3rd insert from Proctor & Gamble,GM,Campbells or Kelloggs/Keebler.
  • Ask friends/family for their unwanted coupons.
  • Talk to your paper carrier and ask if they’ll give you their extra inserts. They often toss them.
  • Ask permission to dive in local recycling bins.

INTERNET – AKA Internet Printables

The newspaper is no longer the only place to score great coupons. The internet has a plethora of great sites. Make sure you have a good printer and plenty of ink! Before you sign up for deals you might want to consider setting up a separate e-mail account to avoid messages getting lost in your spam folder. Most Internet Printables have print limit of two coupons per computer. After printing your first coupon (or set of coupons) just hit the back button on your browser to print another coupon. Also note that many of these sites require that you download special coupon printing software. I haven’t had any issues with the programs from the sites below, but that doesn’t mean you may not run into problems. I’m lucky to have my own personal computer geek to fend off viruses.

  • The Coupon Network
  • Smartsource
  • Red Plum
  • Target Coupons
  • All You (Magazine)

Before you go overboard and print everything you see ask yourself:

  1. Will I use this coupon?
  2. Is it a high-value coupon?
  3. Is there an upcoming deal for this coupon?
  4. Is the coupon for a product I will use or I can donate?

Remember: Do not make copies of coupons. It is illegal and if you get caught, you could face steep penalties or jail time!


  • Store Ads ~ Usually at the front of the store. Also found at check stands and in newspapers on Wednesdays & Sundays. Some stores require that you spend a minimum amount before coupon is valid and they usually have limits.
  • Peelies ~ Manufacture coupons stuck right on packages. Be careful to read disclaimers. Some stores have peelies that become void if you take them off.
  • Tear Pads~ Pads of coupons sitting next to or around product.
  • Blinkies ~ Dispensers with blinking lights (to get your attention) usually placed on shelf directly in front of product.
  • Loyalty Cards ~ Some stores like Safeway have programs that let you load coupons onto your card. No clipping or worrying about forgetting your coupons.

While this list should get you started down the road to saving big on your next shopping trip, there are other great places to find coupons as well. You just have to keep your eyes out and train yourself to spot a great bargain!

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