Smiley 360 Review ~ Truly Radiant™ Whitening & Strengthening Fluoride Rinse, brush and toothpaste

  • Posted on February 11, 2015 at 12:44 PM

This was a great mission. I got a generous bottle of fluoride rinse, toothpaste and a fancy manual (yet rotating) brush. For more info go HERE

Truly Radiant™ Whitening & Strengthening Fluoride Rinse
Get Strength and Beauty, Without Alcohol or Peroxide

Discover the first and only rinse that whitens teeth, strengthens enamel and prevents stains without alcohol or peroxide.

Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Deep Clean Manual Toothbrush
Deep Cleaning, Powered by You

Truly Radiant™ Deep Clean is the first and only manual toothbrush that features a rotating head, plus elongated, all-access bristles that get deep in-between teeth to help blast away plaque.

Product Details Tab:
– Manual toothbrush with Spinbrush™ technology—no batteries needed
– Bristles rotate as you brush to help blast away plaque
– Features elongated bristles designed to clean hard-to-reach places
– Available in soft- and medium-bristle firmness

ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste
Whitening with a Refreshing Twist

Featuring a crisp, mint flavor, ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste does more than just whiten teeth. This revolutionary toothpaste goes beyond the surface to strengthen, clean and repair tooth enamel for a radiant smile in just 5 days!*



I got all of these products free for review purposes from Smiley360

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