• Posted on September 12, 2012 at 12:35 AM

EXPO is another WOM (Word Of Mouth) organization that I joined where you do surveys, video reviews, and use social media like Facebook to spread the word about products. I love these because you get sent cool stuff to try and then you just tell them what you think of it. It takes little time and it’s interesting to learn about new products.

This is from their website:

What is EXPO?
EXPO is an online video community of consumers who share their unbiased, honest reviews and opinions through various word of mouth programs with their peers and brands.

What are the benefits of being an EXPO member?
You get to share your opinion about the products you care about on video, help consumers make buying decisions, and influence major brands. Connect with other consumers that are just like you. Try products for free–sometimes even before they hit store shelves! Earn points and redeem them for cool rewards.

What do I get for joining EXPO?
You get to learn about new products and influence some of the biggest brands in the world by providing your honest opinions of their products and services. EXPO members get access to try new products for free, coupons, and rewards for other activities.

Does it cost anything to become an EXPO member?
Not a penny–joining the EXPO community is totally free.

If this is something that interests you click HERE to go to their website and sign up.

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