MASH Neon Scented Nail Polish Set Giveaway

  • Posted on July 3, 2012 at 7:45 AM and Mash Nail polish are giving away a full MASH Neon Scented Nail Polish Set! ENDS July 12

The winner will receive one MASH Neon Scented Nail Polish Set that includes the following colors/scents:

  • Cherry – It smells incredible like a big bag of fresh real cherries.
  • Strawberry – It smells like a strawberry Starburst.
  • Orange – Smells just like you’ve been eating a fresh orange without all the sticky mess!
  • Banana – The smell is exactly like warm banana pudding!
  • Lime – Sweeter than a Mojito.
  • Fruit Punch – It’s light, fresh, and intense while managing to bring out the best part of the smells from each of the other polishes into a perfect symphony of fruit.



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