How Do You Use Mobile Coupons?

  • Posted on June 16, 2012 at 3:49 AM

At first using mobile coupons made me nervous. Not recognizing the purpose behind them or when to use then baffled me.

Since I’ve been posting about them recently and they seen to be popping up everywhere  decided to try to simply it. 🙂

Signing Up for Mobile Coupons by Text:

Before I start I want to mention that I only recommend this if you have an unlimited texting plan. I don’t get charged per text so it’s a convenient way for me to have coupons with me all the time. If you do not have unlimited texting options this might end up costing you more than you save! Below is a list of companies that ask that you text to get their offers.

Signing up Via your iPhone or Smartphone:

Many companies are starting to release Apps that offer coupons and encourage even more savings! Most are free and can be found on iTones or your android programs

Now this is how you use them:

Most Mobile Coupons contain a Barcode that allows you to pull up your coupon on your phone in stores and let the Cashier Scan or enter the code. I always just pull the coupon up and hand my phone to the Cashier because they should know how to handle the coupons for their specific store.

Here are some Companies that offer Mobile coupons and perks:

Tto Start receiving Target Coupons text the word OFFERS to 827438. 

You should get a confirmation once you text the keyword to the correct number. Then with Target you would receive Text Coupons about once every 2 weeks.

  • Bath & Body Works – Go HERE to Bath & Body Works and sign up today to get exclusive offers on your favorite everyday indulgences and expert pampering advice, right at your fingertips
  • Bed Bath & Beyond-  Go HERE to Bed Bath & Beyond to sign up for email and text alerts. (mobile offers and promotions via text message)
  • Best Buy- Text DEALS to 332211 for Deal of the Week mobile alerts from Best Buy. Go HERE to Best Buy for additional mobile Alerts.
  • Express – Text EXPAPPS to 397737
  • Blockbuster – Text Alvin to 39777
  • Redbox – Text SIGNUP to 727272
  • JcPenny’s- Go HERE to JcPenny’s and sign up for mobile Alerts. This includes coupons!
  • Kmart- Go HERE and enter your mobile number to receive Text Alerts from Kmart.
  • Kohl’s- Text SAVE to 56457 also when you Sign up for Kohl’s Mobile Sale Alerts you will save an extra 10%* at (Within 1 day we’ll text you a code to save on your next purchase.) Go HERE for additional information. or Go HERE to Sign up for Kohls Sale Alerts (email) today and save $5 off your next in-store purchase and 10% off your next purchase!
  • Macy’s- Go HERE to Macy’s and create a profile, you can also sign up for mobile text alerts!
  • Old Navy-  Go HERE and enter your mobile number to receive exclusive texts about Old Navy Deals & Events.
  • Sears- Go HERE to Sears and sign up for mobile text alerts. Get special offers, sales alerts, and exclusive update texts-every week. There isn’t an easier way to get more savings from Sears.
  • ToysRus or BabiesRus- Sign up for ToysRus or BabiesRus email alerts and coupons go HERE
  • Walgreens– Text GOMOBLIE to 21525 or go HERE to receive promotions, deals, and Coupons. Go HERE for additional information.
  • Walmart- Go HERE to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up for email alerts.
  • Victoria’s Secret- Go HERE to sign up for Victoria’s Secret mobile alerts. Get Upcoming sales & specials in stores & online and more.

I’m going to do another post base on apps. This one is getting  rather lengthy. If there are any that I’ve left out or have the wrong info PLEASE let me know.


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