The Difference Between Target Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons.

  • Posted on June 3, 2012 at 11:08 PM

Target has it’s own coupons. You can find them on their website. I love them because they can be stacked (used) along with manufactures coupons. Not all coupons there are solely Target’s. They also offer manufacture coupons. It can be so frustrating when you print Target Coupons and they turn out to be manufacturer Qs. It’s not always a waste of paper, but it can be a let down. (for me anyway) Thanks to TotallyTarget I am no longer worried about surprises.

Here are three ways to tell the difference between a MQ and a Target Q.


MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Manufacturer coupons always use the wording “when you buy”.

TARGET COUPONS: Target Store coupons always use the phrase “with purchase of”. OR  no pre-emptive wording at all. So for example the Sensodyne coupon shown above says neither and is in fact a Target Store coupon.

Another way to tell if it is a Target or Manufacturer’s coupon is to right-click on the image in the center of the coupon (the actual product). Different browsers & operating systems will have a slightly different method of obtaining a picture’s properties – but usually when you right click on the image you will get an option of “Picture Properties” or “View Image Info”. Once you click on that it will bring up a small dialog box with the image info.

TARGET COUPONS: Coupons that are Target coupons have images stored in a subdirectory called Target. Images listed in this Target Directory are all store coupons.

MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Coupons that are manufacturer coupons have images stored in a subdirectory called “manufact”. Images listed in this Directory are all manufacturer coupons.

Some printers allow you to put your printer in a print preview mode. If your printer has that ability you can usually find it in your printer properties & settings. Not all printers have this option, but if yours does, this mode forces the printer to bring up a preview before you print, therefore easily telling if it is a Target or a manufacturer coupon

I hope this helps you prevent unneeded coupons.


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