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  • Posted on February 25, 2012 at 7:30 AM

Along with stores, many products/companies themselves have programs that reward loyal customers. Generally these loyalty programs are based on collecting codes found inside product packages.  A well known program is My Coke Rewards.  This is one of the easiest programs to take advantage of.  I and have so far redeemed points for several magazine subscriptions,  free 12 packs, plush bears and movie tickets.

Most loyalty reward programs are free and easy to join. After registering, enter your points via their online catalog.  The points are then go towards rewards like sweepstakes entries, magazine subscriptions, movie tickets/rentals or FREE products.  Some programs even allow you to use your points for donations to schools or charities. To make it even easier, many companies provide the option to enter codes using your cell phone. (I take total advantage of this option with My Coke Rewards codes). Most of the programs I belong to also allowed me to join via Facebook connect, which means less passwords to remember!

To Join:

  • Create an account at
  • Codes are found on Coke/juice bottles & multi-packs) Points range from 1-25 depending on product.
  • You can enter up to 120 points per week. (Remember, you can even enter points using your smartphone!)

Here are some other companies that offer rewards loyalty rewards programs:

Stouffer’s Dinner Club

  • Right now they are offering 100 bonus points for joining.
  • Codes are printed inside packages of Stouffer’s products.
  • Codes are worth 20 points each.
  • Earn bonus points for taking surveys and polls.

Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards

  • You’ll find a code printed inside each box or bag of Lean Cuisine.
  • Codes are worth 20 points each.
  • You can enter up to 10 codes per day.
  • Earn bonus points by filling out a short survey each month.
  • Through the end of March, If you get 300 points, you can get a free lunch bag AND get to keep your points to use towards other rewards!

Fresh Step Paw Points

  • Codes are printed inside boxes and bags of litter. Codes in plastic pails of litter are located on the brochure inside the pail.
  • Point values vary based on the size of the product you buy.
  • Earn bonus points for referring friends uploading photos of your pets and doing surveys.

Disney Movie Rewards

  • Codes found in select DVD/Blu-rays.
  • Codes found in select music CDS. (insert into PC for code)
  • Can also get points by going  to Disney movies in theaters. (Upload pic of your movie tickets)
  • Can enter 10pts per day
  • Bonus codes buy doing surveys.
  • Other offrers via website (too many to list!)

Huggies Rewards

  • Reward codes are printed inside every package.
  • Some packages also include an “Offer Code” which is a limited time offers to earn bonus points.
  • Earn extra points by reading specially marked tips on the Huggies website.

Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards

  • Right now they are offering 100 bonus points for joining.
  • Rewards points are found inside packages of diapers and wipes and training pants.
  • Point values vary based on the size of the product you buy.

Biore Skincare Prove It! Rewards

  • Correctly Answer Daily Trivia Questions and Complete Prove It™ Reward Challenges
  • Make your Purchases of specially marked Bioré® Pore Strips Count: Look for the Prove It!™ Reward Points product code in specially marked packages, and enter it to earn points.
  • Return to Earn: Get points by visiting 5 days in a row.
  • Get Bonus Rewards: When you sign up, you have the chance to get a bonus reward like products or points instantly. If you received a free product code from a friend, it will count as your bonus reward.

L’Oréal Paris Gold Rewards program

  • When you purchase any 5 L’Oréal Paris hair color products, you will receive the next one FREE.
  • Simply enter the code found on each box prior to coloring, and it will count toward your reward.You can enter 2 codes every month (limit 10 codes per calendar year) from many products. (full list is on the website.)
  • A limited-time, members-only “Perk” is announced on Golden Monday ~ The First Monday of a selected month.

Other Programs:

These additional programs give you an idea of the wide variety of products that have code-based loyalty programs.

Just like clipping coupons, joining rewards programs can be a little work, but can pay off BIG over time. Set up a system to gather codes and enter/redeem them. I keep a bowl in my kitchen for Coke lids and a baggie pinned to my cork board for other product codes. I enter them once a week after clipping my Sunday paper coupons.

Be sure to share this idea with family and friends. I have several friends and co-workers that “don’t have the time for this” so they give me their soda lids and other codes. Bonus points for me! 🙂


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