This Couponista suffered from Coupon Burnout.

  • Posted on November 2, 2011 at 11:53 PM

Until last week I was suffering from  Coupon Burnout. It was ugly. I felt like I was running in place and not getting anywhere. I was frustrated with not finding the deals other bloggers come across. I was a sore loser when I wasn’t winning contests. I would get downright pouty when I wasn’t  able to snap up the *Hot* coupons before they they ran out.

I was  jealous of bigger cities that offer more coupons, good coupons, in their Sunday papers.  I was  jealous of the plethora of stores they have to choose from and jealous that there are more than one. I would be ecstatic to have more than one Target!! For those of you who don’t have this glorious land of Target I apologize. I need to be grateful for the one I have.

Being a big whiner isn’t going to save me anything… I doubt there is a coupon for that!

Instead of ranting about the lack of coupons/deals in my region I am thankful that I get them at all. I”m thankful to have a boyfriend that foots the bill for my NICE printer and huge ink bill. I’m thankful for all the ladies that have beautiful websites that make couponing so much easier and at times fun. In the short time I’ve been couponing I’ve saved quit a bit of money and have a mini stockpile. Above all I am VERY thankful that I woulds till be able to keep food on the table without couponing. My family is blessed with jobs and our pets want for thing. No worries on me stopping soon though. I miss the high of watching my receipt shrink smaller and smaller.

In the spirit of this holiday season, what are you thankful for?

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  1. Wolfie says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I get the really good coupons (a thing to be thankful for!) in my Sunday paper, but I don’t have a Target, and I’m quite frankly uber-reluctant to even GO to Wal-Mart anymore. I’ve got 3 pretty good local supermarkets (1 is really crappy about accepting coupons while another one has a great coupon policy, for which I’m thankful!), so things usually work out pretty good. But, regardless, I’m in that couponing slump myself.

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