A Couponer’s Prayer

  • Posted on July 11, 2011 at 9:34 PM

*** I did not write this. I found it on “Living Rich With Coupons“.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

My shopping trip I pray you Bless,

My binder is neat, no longer a mess,

The coupon limit they say is Ten,

But please let me go through the line again!

Bless the cashiers that they not be weary,

Please help me be bright and cheery!

Remind us that the money we save

will allow us to be the ones who gave.

Please Bless Cindy with Living Rich,

her help will make this go off without a hitch!

Thank you Lord for my family and friends

and thanks for triple the coupons until it ends!

Lord, be with me through the night

And keep me ’til the morning light.



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