Free Friday Fun

  • Posted on May 13, 2011 at 8:50 PM

There are two things that I love more than coupons: books and music. Cats rank even higher, but that’s another blog. 🙂

I got a NOOK Color for Christmas and so far I haven’t had to buy more than a few books. Every week they have “Free Fridays” where they offer NOOK readers a free book. If you haven’t already, make sure you “Like” them on Facebook.

This week’s book has really grabbed my attention so I thought I’d share it with you. Why? Well I have a thing for Southern writers. This is what the website has to say about this weeks selection.


In today’s Free Fridays selection, The Four Corners of the Sky, Michael Malone is at the top of his game. One of the most beloved contemporary Southern writers, Malone is a master with words and plot who weaves enchanting tales that keep you riveted from start to finish. In Four Corners, he delves into the complex issue of family bonds, when an accomplished Navy pilot, Annie, is contacted by her estranged father who’s looking for help fulfilling his dying wish. In a four-star review, People magazine proclaimed, “There’s humor and action aplenty, but Four Corners is also a warm-hearted look at how we love and forgive.”


NOOK owners: go to shop and search for “Michael Malone” to download this gem. If you don’t own a NOOK, you can download “NOOK for PC” for free from the B&N website.

I like listening to music while reading, actually while doing ANYTHING. Amazon is a great place to get free songs on a daily basis.

Today’s freebie is Hang You Upby Yellowcard from their latest album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. It’s a nice little tune that got my feet tapping to the beat. I’m not a huge fan of Yellowcard, but I might have to sample the rest of their album based on how much I enjoy this song.

The song of the day may be different for you. Amazon really pays attention to your searches and is great at giving you recommendations based on your likes. 75% of the time I end up buying the cd from the featured artist, or putting them on a wishlist for later. One thing I’ve learned is NEVER buy the cd right away. Every time I do, shortly after they offer for $5 or less. Grrrrr!

Aside from itunes (I’m anti anything “i”) does anyone know of other good sites to get free music legally?


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