• Posted on May 7, 2011 at 4:44 AM

I love getting snail mail. Ever since I moved out on my own and got my own mail box I’ve been cloud 9.  I remember racing to the post office first thing every morning to see what envelopes or packages were waiting for me.  Before long along with getting my very own mail, I got my very own bills. NO FUN!

Now that grandma and everyone else uses E-Mail my snail mail box gets lonely. I even get electronic bills. BAH! To tame my craving for mail I have more magazine subscriptions than I can keep up with. It’s kind of sad going to Barnes & Noble for something other than a book and realizing you already get half of what they offer delivered to you.I enjoy reading so why not? It’s usually cheaper to subscribe anyway. 🙂 Finding coupons in my magazines is a bonus. Finding out how to get stuff for FREE is AWESOME!

From magazine advertisements, to product websites, and referrals from friends I’ve found myself filling out freebie requests at a constant. There was a time I’d get something in the mail every other day. I had enough tampon/pad samples to last me months. I’m thinking I didn’t have to buy them for close to a year. NO JOKE! When I did run out, I had the sweet little coupon that came with them to buy more. Same scenario with shampoo/conditioner and body washes.

Here are some of my favorite sites. I either get e-mails alerting me to new offers, and/or I follow them on FaceBook and Twitter.


Something to think about….

Create a separate e-mail address for these sites. It keeps your regular mail free from being overrun with offers and possible spam.

Always read the privacy policy on retailer sites especially if you’re giving out your snail mail address. Be aware of how your information will be used.

Opt out of related deals. Some offers come bundled with newsletter subscriptions or related e-mail messages. This can lead to lots of unwanted spam.



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